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Malcolm Mackerras

03 July 2013

How does Malcolm Mackerras expect Kevin Rudd to impact the upcoming election? He joins Switzer TV to discuss.

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Dr Mary Turonek

What's the relationship between innovation and productivity? To explain, Griffith Hack's Dr Mary Turonek joins Switzer TV.

Ross Barker

With market experts recommending small-cap value stocks, one listed company that specialises in the space is Mirrabooka Investments. The company recently announced a total portfolio return including dividends paid of just under 19%. For more on this and the Australian Foundation Investment Company, Ross Barker joins Switzer TV.

Julia Lee

Rio announced a record iron ore production report yesterday, so what does this mean for the share price? For a look at the miners, Bell Direct's Julia Lee joins Switzer TV.

Bob Baldwin

Tourism is an important industry for Australia, but the shadow minister for tourism, Bob Baldwin, says the Government has policies which threaten it. To discuss this and more, he joins Switzer TV.

Paul Rickard

Property spruikers are now targeting SMSFs, and ASIC is concerned that they're misrepresenting what someone can do with property in a DIY fund. For more, SMSF expert and Switzer Super Report contributor Paul Rickard joins Switzer TV.

Phillip Godkin

With some worrying reads on the state of business confidence right now, St.George's Phillip Godkin, general manager of business banking, reveals what he's seeing from his vantage point.

Simon Bond

For his views on the performance of the ASX 200 right now as well as his stock picks, RBS Morgans' Simon Bond joins Switzer TV.

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Which stocks are in? Which are out? Don't miss this segment as Rudi Filapek-Vandyck joins Switzer TV and shares his portfolio picks.

Malcolm Mackerras

Should Rudd call the election early or late and will it make a difference? So who will win, Labor or Liberal? Malcolm Mackerras shares his predictions.

John Lees

John Lees joins Switzer TV to teach us the five keys to making sales and how Steve Jobs got it right. Don't miss his tips for your business.

Kumar Palghat

An imploding bond market! What does this mean and is it likely to happen? Kumar Palghat joins Switzer TV to answer the big questions.

Martin Jandera

What do the recent superannuation changes mean for your SMSF? And does every property you buy have to be positively geared? Don't miss Martin Jandera on the benefits of putting property in your SMSF.

Simon Bond

Is gold still a buying opportunity or has Newcrest tarnished gold as an investment option? Simon Bond from RBS Morgans lays the outlook on the line.

Dr Ross Walker

Healthy, wealthy and wise. The ultimate how-to with Dr Ross Walker.

Lance Lai

Are there still challenges ahead for investors? King of charts Lance Lai from Accountancy Invest joins Switzer TV to share his views.

Clifford Bennett

After weeks of fear and loathing on the stock market, find out why the White Crane Group's supreme optimist Clifford Bennett is really cheering.

Ross Taylor

Could Indonesia be the new China? Sure, The People's Republic is our number one trading partner but is our affection for them waning? For more on why Australian's may be too 'Chinaised' Ross Taylor from the Indonesia Institute joins Switzer TV.

Diana Mousina

The dreaded 'R' word once again reared its head, but does the recent economic data justify it? The Commonwealth Bank thinks not. The bank's Diana Mousina joins Switzer TV to share the reasons behind this positive outlook.

Michael Knox

Should we be worried about a liquidity squeeze in China? For more on this and its impact on the Australian economy, Michael Knox from RBS Morgans joins Switzer TV.

ST Wong

Already down around 92 US cents, the Australian dollar is expected to fall further in the coming weeks. So which stocks are well positioned to benefit from the weaker exchange rate environment over the next couple of years? ST Wong from Prime Value joins Switzer TV.

Max Williamson

Did we really have a mining boom? To see if mining and mining services companies are worth the punt right now, mining industry insider Max Williamson joins Switzer TV.

Andrew Bland

One of the greatest fears of being an employer is being slapped with a bullying charge for being too brutal or honest in your assessment of an employee. It can be just as worrying if you're accused of ignoring one employee and bullying another! Andrew Bland from Blands Law joins Switzer TV to discuss how bullying in the workplace should be handled.

Sinclair Taylor

There are plenty of traps to fall into when it comes to SMSF compliance, but what are some of the biggest mistakes members make? For more, Westpac's Sinclair Taylor joins Switzer TV.

Alex Dunnin

With the share market heading south in recent times, what has happened to the expected returns for super? And how have the government's proposed changes to superannuation affected its appeal? For more, Rainmaker's Alex Dunnin joins Switzer TV.

Holly Kramer

Holly Kramer from Best & Less joins Switzer TV to talk about why she is taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, as well as the challenges and oulook for the company.

David Attenborough

Live from the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, Peter Switzer speaks with Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough about why he is taking part in the event, as well as the challenges and outlook for his company.

David White

With experts saying the dividend play might be on death row, are retailers worth a second look? Media analyst David White has gone undercover into JB Hi-Fi to see if it's a buy.

John Rolfe

Been on a flight recently? Consumer watchdog Choice recently found a family of four going to Bali would be hit with $100 worth of credit card surcharges. For tips on how to avoid such a sting, we turn to John Rolfe.

Stuart Grimshaw

BOQ's Stuart Grimshaw joins Switzer TV to talk about the performance of the company, his read on the economy right now, and the recent acquisition of Virgin Money.

Ross Youngman

With volatility on markets abroad affecting Australia's stock market and currency, Ross Youngman from Five Oceans Asset Management joins Switzer TV to look at what's happening overseas and how to invest as a consequence.

James Bond

The Financial Services Council's CIO Index has found chief investment officers are the most pessimistic they have been in nine months. For more on why this is the case, James Bond joins Switzer TV.

Simon Bond

With cloud computing potentially the next big thing, how can investors cash in on it? For a look at the telcos and tech companies in this space, RBS Morgans' Simon Bond joins Switzer TV.

Roger Montgomery

With mining services struggling, could Australia be heading for a recession? To discuss, Roger Montgomery takes a close look at the sector.

Deanne Stewart

Could you be missing some super? According to a new report from Westpac, there is more than $18 billion in lost super in Australia. For more on the 2013 Lost Super Campaign, Deanne Stewart from Westpac joins Switzer TV.

Marcel von Pfyffer

For a look at how reliant global markets are on quantitative easing programs such as those seen in Japan and the US, Marcel von Pfyffer from Arminius Capital joins Switzer TV.

Jim Stewart

Google recently rolled out an update to its search engine that decreased the rankings of websites that violate its webmaster guidelines. For a look at this and what it means for businesses, Jim Stewart from StewArtMedia joins Switzer TV.

Jost Stollmann

With Victoria's recent announcement of wide-ranging reforms to taxi fares, what more needs to be done around the country? To discuss, Tyro Payment's Jost Stollmann joins Switzer TV.

Robert Jeremenko

The Tax Institute is calling for a more simplified tax system, as well as robust revenue streams to safeguard Australia's future. To discuss this and what role the GST plays in the tax system, Robert Jeremenko joins Switzer TV.

Mark Foy & Tim Harcourt

The booming Asian economy is helping exporters remain pretty confident about the future, according to the latest DHL Export Barometer, with 60 per cent expecting orders to rise. For more, UNSW's Airport Economist Tim Harcourt and DHL Express' Mark Foy join Switzer TV.

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

With the mining investment boom coming off the boil, are resource stocks still a buy? To discuss this and more, FNArena's Rudi Filapek-Vandyck joins Switzer TV.

Shane Oliver

For all things economy, currency and markets, Shane Oliver from AMP Capital joins Switzer TV. Find out why he believes the Aussie dollar could drop to 80 US cents.

Michael Witts

The Reserve Bank decided to keep the cash rate on hold at its June meeting, but kept the door open for further cuts if needed. To discuss what happened at the meeting and more, Michael Witts from ING Direct joins Switzer TV.

Melinda O'Rourke

With the growing luxury market in Australia, MO Luxury has recently announced its expansion into Asia. To discuss the move, and for a look at the outlook for the sector both here and abroad, Melinda O'Rourke joins Switzer TV.

Craig Rispin

The best way to make money on the stock market or in business is to know the future trends that will drive demand from both consumers and business. Business futurist and innovation expert, Craig Rispin shares his research.

Martin Lakos

For his analysis on the performance of the ASX 200; the impact the Japanese market is having on the Aussie market and the RBA's next move, Martin Lakos from Macquarie Private Health joins Switzer TV.

Simon Bond

Simon Bond from RBS Morgans shares three stocks he's looking at closely right now. Don't miss his stock picks.

Geoff Huegill

One of the country's best ever swimmers had to come to grips with his life, which had become very challenging. His therapy: to reconstruct himself and win a position in Australia's Commonwealth Games team, taking out a gold medal in the process. To talk about this and more, dual Olympian Geoff Huegill joins Switzer TV.

George Boubouras

The stock market in May has been under pressure with the release of the Budget, data out of China and talk of tapering QE just to name a few. So what's going on, and are resource stocks a buy? To discuss, George Boubouras from Equity Trustees joins Switzer TV.

Gary Stone

Gary Stone describes the market in recent times as "pathetic". To find out why, and for a close look at Ausdrill in the mining services sector, don't miss his interview on Switzer TV.

Ron Bewley

Just how spooked is the market? Ron Bewley from Woodhall Investment Research joins Switzer TV to reveal what his ASX 200 fear index is showing right now, and much more.

Michael Knox

he Australian dollar has received a clobbering in recent times, so just what's going on? Michael Knox from RBS Morgans believes the Aussie is at the beginning of a bear market, while the US dollar is at the beginning of a bull market. Find out why.

John Lees

Does your business offer a value gap? To find out what this is and why you ignore it at your own peril, don't miss sales and marketing specialist John Lees.

Shane Oliver

Markets around the world were due for a correction, says AMP Capital's Shane Oliver. So where are we headed now? Don't miss his views on this as well as the outlook for economies here and abroad.

Terry Davis

What was behind Coca-Cola Amatil's recent small fall from grace on the stock market? To explain this, and why he'll be leaving the company next year after 13 years in the top job, Terry Davis joins Switzer TV.

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

With the Aussie market dropping more the 100 points on Thursday, how have risks changed for equity investors? To find out, FNArena's Rudi Filapek-Vandyck joins Switzer TV.

Jeff Bresnahan

Despite the GFC, the average super fund has added over seven per cent annually over the past ten years. For a close look at super returns and where they're heading, SuperRatings' Jeff Bresnahan joins Switzer TV.

Frank Gelber

The end of the mining boom could leave the economy with no clothes, says Dr Frank Gelber from BIS Shrapnel. And with consumer sentiment falling seven per cent in May, what's the outlook for Australia? Don't miss his analysis.

Trevor Rowe

Trevor Rowe, one of Australia's most highly-regarded directors of numerous public companies, joins Switzer TV to share his outlook on mining services, the US, European, Chinese and local economies, and much, much more.

Clifford Bennett

Could the Dow Jones index reach 20,000? For a dose of optimism and forecasts, Clifford Bennett from White Crane Group joins Switzer TV.

Roger Montgomery

For his take on what, if any, impact the Budget will have on stocks, as well as an in depth look at BHP Billiton, Roger Montgomery from Montgomery Investment Management joins Switzer TV.

Steve Keen

He's been tipping doom and gloom since before the GFC. To discuss his predictions and when they may come true, Australia's scariest economist Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, joins Switzer TV.

James Austin

With the Reserve Bank cutting the cash rate to 2.75 per cent and term deposits heading lower, what are the alternatives for low-risk investors? For his views, James Austin from Firstmac joins Switzer TV.

Jeff Rudes

With a vision to create jeans with the perfect fit, Jeff Rudes created J Brand. Don't miss his insights into the secrets behind his success.

Simon Bond

With the Gillard Government throwing $24 billion at infrastructure projects, which stocks in the sector are set to benefit? Simon Bond reveals his stock picks.

Andrew & Lisa Margan

For the secrets behind their success in building an award-winning business, Andrew and Lisa Margan from Margan Hunter Valley Wines joins Switzer TV.

Paul Rickard

Tuesday's Budget brought with it changes to super, so how will they affect you? For a closer look, Switzer Super Report's Paul Rickard joins Switzer TV.

Budget Special

"I want what he's having." This is Peter Switzer's take on the Treasurer's newly unveiled Budget: "he is completely off with the fairies". Don't miss Switzer's take on what this Budget truly means for your business.

Tom Seymour

To locate the devil in the tax details of this year's Budget, and explain why he thinks Australian companies have been slugged hard this time around, PricewaterhouseCoopers' Tom Seymour joins Switzer TV.

Michael Knox

With the Treasurer set to reveal this year's Budget tonight, Michael Knox from RBS Morgans gives us his views on what we should expect.

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

For a look at his top stocks and those he believes are not so hot, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck from FN Arena joins Switzer TV.

Sameer Kassam

For a close look at what is the R&D tax incentive and what it means for SMEs, Sameer Kassam from CharterNet joins Switzer TV.

Martin Grunstein

When an international hotel chain treats a customer service expert with such disdain, they’re asking for trouble. Martin Grunstein wants to know your poor service story.

Sinclair Taylor

For a look at the latest trends with SMSFs including a big spike in the number of people who want to move out of cash into shares according to a recent Westpac survey, Sinclair Taylor joins Switzer TV.