by Simon Bond

In 2014 last generation business models will collapse and be harder to find than a Unicorn.

Companies like Qantas and Holden that were iconic brands are shedding thousands of workers who will be jettisoned to the scrapheap of unemployment despair.

Over the next few years trillions of dollars will be lost, transferred and regathered. Those who leverage innovation and address the global challenges will reap the rewards. The world of energy, healthcare, finance, education and commerce will shift and product superiority will reign supreme.

Public and credit markets will experience continued volatility as innovation wipes out existing and traditional players who fail to adapt. Unemployment will continue to rise as the middle class hollows out, Governments will accrue more debt and social disruption will become part of the norm.

Much of the new wealth created will accrue in illiquid investments rather than public, markets will not easily digest the changes and volatility will continue to be extreme.

This is not to say there is not good news out there.

I'll go find some and report back.