by Simon Bond

It could also be referred to as the transition economy, it has taken a while but in my opinion the tipping point has now been reached, all of a sudden people are worried for their jobs, their future, the future of their children and the fear of what jobs they will have, if at all.

In these writings, some may call rantings we have harped and harped to the point of exasperation in order for people to prepare for the changes that have been wrought upon us by the Internet, all of a sudden we are going from a consumption economy to an experience economy, this has unimaginable consequences for so many industries and the jobs that go with them.

The investment tide is going out and those with no swimming costume on are looking in desperation for a sandy shore.

The dictionary describes transition as "the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another".

We are in the thick of it, so invest in businesses that humans rely on for their existence.