The old saying goes that “every sunken ship has a chartroom” — charts sometimes don’t work. However they are very useful for looking at "the big maps". 

"Short-termism will destroy corporations

Many global corporations are run from one 12-week period to the next with very little regard to the longer term. Business leaders are drawn down this route by legal requirements to report profitability every quarter, and are expected to provide profit warnings if any significant adverse event should occur. So, as we have seen in many recent scandals, decisions are inevitably linked to issues of timing: how to delay investment into another quarter so as not to damage analyst ratings, or other ways to massage the figures. It can be almost impossible to make large-scale strategic moves, which may deliver profits only in 5–10 years’ time".

From The Future of (almost) Everything: The global changes that will affect every business and all our lives, by Patrick Dixon

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