by Simon Bond

The company results so far have been a mixture of surprise, euphoria and disappointment.

If you owned companies like Seek, Webjet, Car Sales, Real and Co you would be ecstatic, if you owned Pac Brands, GWA, Dick Smith and Amcor you would be down in the dumps.

What is crystal clear is that the "new" companies with no legacy issues have continued to present good results, and by growth rather than cost cutting.

The common denominator for these stand out businesses is the fact that they are all "Internet" companies. That is, they rely on the Internet for the survival and prosperity of their future.

There is one big gorilla that sits in the thick of it, that company is Telstra and they themselves recently posted a solid set of results as well.

Without doubt the "future" businesses rely on the infrastructure of the Internet and this will only continue as the next decade unfolds.

We are all downloading more data and video via Tablet and Mobile, these mediums will be the engine room of growth as time moves forward.

What is interesting is that Telstra also provides an income stream far superior to what else is generally available.

For those investors who Buy Telstra in the next 2 days they also qualify for this current dividend due (which is 14.5 cents fully franked).

Below is a chart of the income returns available from Telstra compared to Banks Bills and Ten Year Bonds, as you can see over the next 13 months the yield is over 8% which grosses up to over 11% depending on your tax rate.

That to me would seem to be a great way to participate in the ongoing growth of the online world and the Internet.