By Simon Bond

In a slowing Australian economy, as we mutate from a commodities boom to who knows what, it is imperative to look at the investment question - where will growth come from?

Australia may remain in slowdown mode for the next decade as our politicians simply prepare for the next election, not the next generation. Many seasoned professionals are shedding excess property holdings and focusing on economies where there is growth. Which boards and CEOs are equipped to handle the change?

Apart from healthcare, technology and infrastructure, a main growth sector of course is the Internet, in particular in fibre and capacity. The growth regions of choice are in Asia, especially where there is transparency and good rule of law.

The most successful disruptors of recent years – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, WeWork and others – employ what we refer to as “combinatorial disruption,” in which multiple sources of value – cost, experience, and platform – are fused to create disruptive new business models and exponential gains.

Listed company Superloop (SLC) is the way to invest in an Australian-listed business that converts you to into Asia’s burgeoning Internet growth exposure, with contracts written in both Singapore and US dollars via it’s operations in Singapore, and potential opportunities in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

As excess supply and capacity continue to get married with demand in a deflationary force via improvements in technology, businesses such as Superloop will emerge as the enablers.