This week I am travelling in Singapore.

Last week’s economic growth figures of around 33 per cent over the previous quarter meant my trip would be all the more useful as I find that the best way to “feel” what is happening elsewhere in the world is to go up and have a look.

One of the things I like to do most when travelling is to sit down and talk to as many people as possible in order to gauge the real deal. And see what is really happening at ground level.

Every morning I read every newspaper available as I find this is also a useful way of finding out what is happening from the local perspective.

It is interesting to see each morning so far that there is very little news or interest in Australia apart from a sporadic focus on the resources needed to “power” the Asian economies. It’s all about growth and getting back to business.

I asked one businessman here what he thought about Australia and he replied, “It seems that all you guys care about is sport, sport and more sport, you are lucky that you have so much stuff to dig up and sell to us because without that you guys are toast”.

What forever impresses me is the can do attitude to doing business and the willingness to try something new.

What never ceases to amaze me when I visit Asia is the sheer determination, positive attitudes, general focus and the desperation to get ahead in life. They just don’t quit or give up.

Whilst the Financial Crisis of the past year or so took a big bite out of many economies things now are really gathering momentum and the run looks set to continue.

Paging through the papers the following story headlines are worthwhile sharing.
From the Business Times in Singapore over the past few days:

  • Key Asian cities see prices rise.
  • Singapore PC market expands 21 per cent in last quarter.
  • Buy the dips.
  • Venezuela secures $20 billion loan from China.
  • Reverse mergers making a comeback.
  • India may raise rates again to counter inflation.
  • Business sees cautious return to IT spend.

From The Straits Times:

  • Recruitment to revive.
  • Q1 from figures may be up from Q4s.
  • China based shipbuilder to buy stake in shipyard.
  • Asia Development Bank predicts 7.5 per cent growth for Asia this year.

There are plenty more and the positive sentiment and outlook outweighs the negative by a significant margin.

The view from here is that the worst is well behind us, there will be dips and bad news along the way but the overall outlook remains positive. China will see hiccups of course but the long-term outlook is of continued growth and long term positive planning.

People here love the West and the opportunity to merge many of the positive aspects of Western Culture is always top of mind, but they are not sitting on their hands worrying about the decline of the West and letting it affect them in a negative way.

Focus on what is good and positive and look ahead not back.

Luckily this spells ongoing good news for the Australian Economy due to the fact that they continue to need our raw materials to power the growth that they are looking to achieve.

For your investments that means that you buy the dips and you buy the price makers not the price takers.

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