“The unemployment rate rose to a higher-than-expected seasonally adjusted 5.6 per cent in March from 5.4 per cent in February”. 

Economists had expected an unemployment rate of 5.4 per cent in March.

The number of people employed fell 36,100, compared with an expected drop of 10,000, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said. 

The number of people in full-time work fell 7400 to 8.1 million in March, while those in part-time work fell 28,700 to 3.5 million. 

The bureau said its seasonally-adjusted workforce participation rate, or the proportion of working-age people at work or actively seeking work, fell to 65.1 per cent in March from 65.3 per cent in February and a consensus expectation of 65.2 per cent.?

The unemployment data released last week was a surprise? A surprise? A surprise to who? 

What planet are these guys living on? Do they not go out. Do they not shop? Do they not have children trying to enter the workforce? 

Who are these people? 

Do they not see how the retail market is faring? Do they not see how online is taking over? Do they not see the deflationary impact of technology? Do they not see that interest rates in Australia have been kept too high for too long? Do they not see that every man, woman and their dog is going overseas to spend their money? Do they not see how areas of local tourism such as Port Douglas and other areas of Queensland have fallen victim to the cheap air fare to Phuket, Honolulu, Bali and the like? 

Do they not see that every effort to drive some inflation into the market by the US or Japanese authorities has so far been futile? 

Do they not see how price deflation has been encouraging people to continually wait on their purchase decisions as each day prices fall in order to meet the market? 

Just down the road from us is a Coles supermarket. Just this week they have installed another bank of self service checkouts. There goes another 5 jobs, at least.

And there will be more, and more.