By Simon Bond

China is in the throes of a “great transition”.

They are successfully shifting from a model of cheap manufacturing to a model of business, technology, software, telecommunications, travel and leisure, consumption and business to business transacting to name just a few.

To Vamp is to; refurbish, renovate, modernise, redecorate, revamp, make over, restore, recondition, rehabilitate, overhaul, repair, redevelop, rebuild, reconstruct, remodel; update, bring up to date, improve; upgrade; refit, re-equip, refurnish.

Those who choose to write China off as a spent force are missing the "long view", and the bigger picture.

Whilst Sydney Airport goes to sleep at 11pm until 6am the next day, the rest of the world moves forward. An international city gateway where the airport shuts down for a third of the day is just an embarrassment.

If you decide to live near an airport it goes to reason that you will hear some noise from aircraft and related activities. Go figure, who would have thought?

I recently traveled through Hong Kong airport and due to some complications missed a flight and was laid over for close to 12 hours, which ended up being a great opportunity to study the activities taking place.

Previously, I have written notes about Changi Airport at Singapore and how and why they are ranked as the number 1 airport in the world.

Some statistics on Hong Kong make for fascinating consumption.

  • Official name - Hong Kong International Airport
  • Airport opening - July 1998
  • Connectivity - Over 100 airlines operate flights to over 190 locations worldwide, including 47 destinations on the Chinese Mainland
  • Total airport site area - 1,255 hectares
  • Passenger throughput (in 2015) - 68.5 million people
  • Air cargo throughput (in 2015) - 4.38 million tonnes
  • Flight handling capacity - 68 flights per hour at peak hours
  • Terminals - Two (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2)
  • Runways - Two (South and North Runways)
  • Runway length - 3,800 metres
  • Aircraft Parking Bays
  • Passenger stands: 106
  • Cargo stands: 43
  • Long term & maintenance stands: 33
  • Airport workforce - Around 73,000
  • Approximately 300 retails shops and close to 100 catering outlets
  • Services hours - 24 hours, all year
  • Hotels - Regal Airport Hotel - Linked to Terminal 1 by covered walkway and SkyCity Marriott Hotel

Below is a snapshot of just a few planes currently in the sky