Brambles "shock" profit downgrade recently, which saw 3.1 billion dollars wiped off the market capitalisation, "surprised" management. That's what is actually a surprise, and what it shows is that company executives and management need to study the big maps more than they are now, to understand the inevitable changes that are currently underway.

A recent front page of the Financial Review (below) emphasises that US retailers are sending back more pallets than they are receiving.

To put it simply Brambles just got Amazon'd. And it hasn't happened overnight as some of the charts below graphically display.

We continually write about the disrupters, the Amazon's, the Netflix's, the Uber's, the AirBnb's. The Internet has not only disrupted existing businesses it's blowing them to bits. Amazon has, and will continue to do what it does best. And that spells trouble for those who fail to grasp whats coming down the line.

Below is a chart of the market values of US retailers in 2006, and the corresponding values in 2016. A picture, or chart in this case is worth more than a thousand words. If the company that your invested in has a chance of being Amazon'd you should consider your position; because it's only just begun.