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2009, what a year

What a year to remember and what a year to forget.

We have seen a significant recovery in equity prices and confidence levels over the course of the year yet I just don’t see a lot of happiness going around. Already the sale signs are up in the stores and it is not even Christmas Day.

I recall with such clarity standing on the Trading Floor of the Melbourne Stock Exchange during the crash of 1987 when I was just in my twenties, I looked up at the visitors gallery and saw so many people watching on with tears rolling down their cheeks, at the time I didn’t quite get the picture.

I remember watching live on Television the horrors of September 11 and actually thinking that the world was going to end the next day, I was utterly convinced and yet the world moved on.
I remember the Asian crisis and wondered what was to become of the capital system, as we knew it.

Then came Lehman Brothers and the Global Financial crisis where there were people predicting soup kitchens and anarchy, thank God they were wrong.

All through this time I did my best to raise three children to look to the bright side, to view the world with optimism and a never say die spirit, to look for the best in people, to be kind and gentle, caring and giving.

2009 almost threw a spanner in the works. If this is a recovery why is everyone so down and pessimistic about our prospects.

So many professional doomsayers and hand wringers that we are all paying too much attention of.

I typed into Google the phrase “stock market newsletters” and got over sixty five and a half million responses.
How the heck is anyone expected to know what to do when so many people already know what to do?

This is where I put in my two cents worth for this Christmas.
If you know anyone who is going to be alone this Christmas, call them up and have them over, loneliness is worse than any bear market can ever be.
If you know someone who is down on their luck or depressed about anything call them up and want to be with them.

Anxiety and depression are far worse than any monetary recession or depression. I see a lot of depression in this industry whether markets go up or down, don’t forget there is always someone with the opposite side of the trade.

If something is troubling you talk to someone about it.

I count myself as one of the lucky ones, even though we all have some issues I have the best loyal and great clients who support me through thick and thin, and to those people I say thank you for all your support and kindness through 2009.

I say thank you to my children for being my children and for loving their father and mother in the unconditional way that they do, we are one of the lucky couples as Karen and I are still together and our children still love us.

I say thank you to my mother and to our extended family, and also to my mother in law who is our local GP. She is the kindest, most giving and warm person you could ever wish to have the good fortune to come across in your lifetime and she is a Medical Doctor as well, how lucky are we. Without her being around this year things may have gone very differently to what they have.

And a big thank you to my Father in Law who doesn’t say much but is always there in the background, a mountain of support just before you know you need it.

And I just don’t tell him enough.

So there goes 2009, a year I am glad to see the back of, and bring on 2010, our year of hope and optimism for the future of all of us.


Published on: Friday, December 25, 2009

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