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Trieste (not quite Italian) boat person arrived Woolloomooloo 1958. Hit Paddo and been there ever since.

Professional medic but amateur everything else including drummer, cyclist, swimmer, philosopher and economist. Concerned citizen of silent majority who occasionally pipes up. Often disgruntled recipient of received nonsense in the guise of wisdom and permanent sceptic.

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Who will keep paying for Medicare?

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

by Dr Robert Schiavuzzi

US writer Mignon McLaughlin said, “We’d all like a reputation for generosity and we’d all like to buy it cheap”. At a time when the Treasurer has told us that someone always has to pay and the age of entitlement is over, Dr Robert takes a sanguine look at our ‘beloved’ and often misunderstood Medicare.

The death of the idea of universal health rights has come quickly and unexpectedly. Like the unimportance of national debt or of viable business. These were all things we took for granted, because our 'leaders' led us to believe we could. The guys with the money could look after themselves and those, who were most worthy and needed it, would be looked after by government, and we knew that governments looked after the worthy. The money makers were to be bled for the nourishment of the real people.

This facile interpretation of things can exist only when reality is ignored. The emotive issue of healthcare has allowed it to benefit from ideological nonsense for too long.

The fact is that the health dollar has, for a long time, been misspent on bureaucratic, ideological nonsense. The idea that the citizen can fairly determine how the hard-earned taxes of his neighbours can be spent is a farce. Free universal healthcare was Bolshevist crap from day one. Support from a huge bureaucracy and a clamouring, grateful constituency did not make it right, nor fair, nor just, nor necessary.

Talk about middle class welfare, when a family could go to the doctor and be told there's very little wrong with any of them and charge it to the public purse. Bad luck that the old lady with a very painful hip had to wait 12 months or more to have it fixed, or that an appointment at the hospital outpatients took six months to organise. Just cut back on the funding and blame it on inefficient administrators. Have an inquiry. Make sure it never happens again. The punters forget. Until the next time. Just make sure they know it's free.

Let's get real. Let's regain the spirit of self sufficiency that is necessary for a mature, sustainable society. Let's believe in ourselves and make do for ourselves if we can. Let's provide the care for those who really need it and make sure the truly needful get it. Let's not play political games with serious matters and allocate scarce resources only where they do the most good. We'll regain our self respect, help the needy and allow those of us, who can get on with our productive lives, freely and honestly.