Getting a product to market in healthcare can be a long journey that can typically take eight years or more. 

Mesoblast has started to transition from a biotech to one that is bringing in revenues. 

With three Tier 1 products in late stage trials, there is plenty of potential for a blockbuster product. Those potential products encompass the big and diverse areas of cardiology, oncology and degenerative disease. 

Heart failure alone is a huge market, and this currently is where most of Mesoblast’s valuation comes from. 

All these potential markets are huge. The company is one that is at peak research and development spend. 

Over the next few years, you’ll see falling costs and rising revenue. With a recent investment from Chinese Pharmaceutical company, Tasly, the company has enough funding at least for the next 12-18 at the current cash burn rate. 

The hard work has been done here and it’s time for come big products to move from trials to commercialization.