A skilled auctioneer will make the difference between a good sale and an exceptional one.

Auctioneers are a critical part of the auction sales process – their role is to create excitement and confidence among buyers and maximise the sale price for the vendor.

Auctioneering requires a lot of skill. You can’t simply sit in a classroom, complete an auctioneer’s licence and become a great auctioneer. Auctioneering is a real craft in our industry; it requires special personal skills such as charisma, presence and confidence.

Each auctioneer has their own style and depending on the circumstances, the crowd reaction can range from total lack of interest to buyer frenzy. Most companies have in-house auctioneers, so when talking to agents about selling your home, ask them who your auctioneer would be if you listed with them and attend some of their auctions. If they’re not engaging the audience or they look awkward during proceedings, you may need to find someone else. Tell the agent you’d like to see another of their auctioneers in action.

Obviously, you want to find someone who is skilled, confident and assertive during proceedings. However, you definitely don’t want an aggressive auctioneer. Buyers will not be railroaded into bidding – they’d rather walk away than feel they are intimidated. Remember, most buyers are extremely nervous at auctions and it’s therefore important for the auctioneer to engage with them, showing respect and courtesy while also encouraging their very best offers.

At McGrath, we have a very strong auctioneering division led by our award-winning chief auctioneer, Scott Kennedy-Green. We’ve invested a lot of time, money and training into our auctioneering program as I wholeheartedly believe a great auctioneer can greatly impact the ultimate sale price. Our company’s strong clearance rate is one of the reasons why homeowners list their properties with us.

Back in my selling days, I loved the challenge of auctioneering. It was my role to get the crowd excited and enthused about bidding. I had to command the buyers’ attention, prompt them into action and watch their body language to work out whether they had more to spend. I also needed to put the buyers at ease and gain their trust and confidence within the first few minutes, as buyers often look to the auctioneer for that final justification that they’re buying a good property. That’s why auctioneers so carefully describe the property in the first few minutes of proceedings. They cement in the buyers’ minds all the great aspects of the property to set the stage for competitive bidding.

If you’re going to sell your property via auction, shop around for both a great agent and a great auctioneer. Here are the things to look out for when attending auctions:

  • Characteristics of a great auctioneer
  • Easily commands the attention of the room.
  • Displays confidence and assertiveness.
  • Creates excitement and encourages bidding.
  • Shows respect and courtesy to buyers.
  • Shows personality and puts buyers at ease.
  • Excellent personal presentation (grooming).

Also, if you’re impressed with an auctioneer’s skills and think they may be the auctioneer for your property, don’t be afraid to approach them after their auction. Ask for their business card and introduce yourself but be mindful of their situation, as in many cases they’ll need to rush off to their next appointment and may not be able to speak with you in great detail at the time.

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