By Janine Perrett

So it is not in our national interest to sell a large cattle station in northern Australia to foreign interests because of security concerns, but the Port of Darwin, which hosts US marines, is fine to sell to the Chinese with links to the communist government and its army?

Well, that is the conflicting message from the Turnbull Government yesterday.

And they were right - in half their pronouncements.

The Kidman cattle empire comprises more than one percent of the land mass of the entire country and, even more importantly, nearly three percent of our agricultural land.

Another key factor is that some of the land covers the Woomera weapons testing range. 

Obviously a security concern.

The only thing wrong with the absolutely correct decision to knock back foreign buyers was the caveat by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) that it was unacceptable in its "current form".

Presumably that means if the sellers break it down to 35 small packages of only $10 million each the foreign buyers can get around it that way as it won't be such a bad look.

I mean that is what many of them are doing now to skirt our ever laxer laws.

And before you start the usual arguments, let's address them.

This is racist and aimed at Chinese. Be honest, they are the biggest buyers and have the potential to buy us all out and make us tenants in our own homeland.

This will deter foreign investment. Never does. Heard one of the Chinese buyers saying yesterday on the radio he'd buy whatever looks good whenever he can.

This is not in the spirit of our free trade agreements. They are about trade not land ownership. Free trade does not mean Free Reign.

And finally. How much land can Australians buy in China? How much do we complain that the communist nation bans much foreign investment. 

Let's not look at how their very different "legal system" treats commercial issues by aggrieved parties.

So let's see what the government does if there is a bid to skirt our laws on this sale by buying smaller parcels and coming in under the radar as was done with the Darwin Port.

By under the radar I mean too small to apparently warrant FIRB scrutiny of the Chinese purchaser. 

Though it didn't seem to worry our defense department even if it did the US one.

That would be our allies, the US. The ones rotating marines through Darwin to patrol the Pacific because of concerns about the Chinese Governments aggressive threat in the region. Our region.

And what does our PM say to these valid US concerns.

Well Malcolm Turnbull was something of a smarty yesterday when he dismissed those US concerns.

Oh I should mention those concerns were actually raised by the President Barrack Obama who as a quiet aside noted to the PM that they wouldn’t mind a heads up next time on such a sensitive decision.

Smarty Malcolm mocked this at a press conference, holding up the NT News and saying he recommended the Americans buy a subscription to this fine newspaper as it had all the details in it.

Hardly statesman like.

In fact downright wrong on all counts.