By Janine Perrett

There's no other board like David Jones - and there's the winning headline of the week from the AFR subs.

In the wake of the sudden departure of the CEO of only one year, it was brilliant.

Given it was the Fin that broke the previous DJ's board implosion, which ultimately led to the new owners gaining control, I can't wait to hear the true story on this latest issue.

And if there is any truth to the rumours circulating yesterday, that the incoming replacement knew back in July that he was coming in, then questions might need to be asked about continuous disclosure.

In fact they need to be asked anyway given there was no explanation for the abrupt departure.

You'd think that when a company changes hands that the board culture might improve as well.

What else annoys me today? Well the same thing I've been banging on about all week - politicians who keep banging on.

There he goes again - Tony Abbott in yet another farewell radio interview sniping and whining and doing everything he said he wouldn't.

Can you believe he even bought into the tax debate, warning against raising the GST without tax reform. That's the very debate that he couldn’t even manage when he was in power and which helped lead to his downfall.

And I'm already dreading Joe Hockey's lap of honour as soon as he can shove Tony away from the microphones.

We don't care. We're over it. Thank goodness Malcolm seems to be ignoring it all so far and just getting on with it.