Apologies to K-Rudd for constantly implying his ego prevented him from calling an election BEFORE the G-20 summit, but Kev I don't think you'll receive much credit for giving up the opportunity to swan around the world stage no matter how dear to your heart. And no Kev, you can't go there even if you lose but I'm sure you'll find some other way to continue the lap of honour.

So day one and already you've splashed half a billion dollars on after school care in an obscenely obvious attempt at female votes and a sign of reckless spending in this campaign even before it's underway. Welcome to the election folks.

Oh and I didn't even mention the $200 million splashed earlier in the day to keep blackmailing car companies happy which was wrong on so many fronts. Firstly Holden said they'd wait until after the election to see if they'd stay, in other words, to see if their threats  paid off. Secondly, and more disturbingly, to pay for this, the PM raided the secret contingency reserves which are meant to be kept for cases of national disaster not fruitless vote-buying exercises. And you expect us to believe you would guarantee the bank levy funds to pay for a bailout?

And now to the other side, because it will be equal opportunity bagging during the election in my editorials.
Tony Abbott says his first priority will be axing the carbon tax which brought a smile to my face only days after humble Malcolm Turnbull claimed the Coaliton's first priority would be the National Broadbank Network. Nice attempt to put yourself front and centre Malcolm, but silly statements like that do show the ego is soaring.

Joe Hockey says a rate cut is bad for the economy. Oh Joe, sometimes you do seem to be the Rudd government's not-so-secret weapon. I won't explain why your ill informed babbling often has business shaking its head.

I know you do like to talk down everything during the campaign but the RBA is not the government, they act independently and even if there is truth to what you say about low interest rates really being a sign of fear over a fragile economy, it's the way you say it. Like your recent silly comments on why a lower dollar was bad for the economy, sort of. Do try and remember you are inheriting this mess and making it worse won't help.

Janine Perrett