By Janine Perrett

Well that didnt' take long now did it?

I mean for Labor to start attacking Malcolm Turnbull's business interests.

I mean what else are you going to do when you're being beaten by a politician more popular than your bloke, and someone who is a self made millionaire to boot.

You accuse him of being a tax dodger of course. Like we didn’t see that one coming.

Of course Malcolm would have some of his funds in an offshore tax haven like the Cayman Islands - what self respecting business mogul wouldn't?

Well maybe one that was planning to be PM and have to deal with touchy tax issues but hey, I bet Malcolm thought of that one.

What annoys me most about these attacks is they come from Sam Dastyari, who represents everything that is wrong with Labor and even some parts of the Liberal party.

He's a young political apparatchik who is rewarded with shadow ministries, along with other Labor staffers yesterday, on political patronage, not having done anything worthwhile in the real world.

There was something really encouraging about having a Prime Minister who had a successful career, who had done something else his whole life other than climbing the greasy pole of political office and backstabbing. But hey he caught on pretty quick though didn’t he? It proves you don’t have to major in it too early.

That's not saying that Malcolm Turnbull's business dealings don't deserve scrutiny; every finance journo of my era has plenty of stories of running foul of him while covering his previous life as an investment banker.

But if this is the best they can do -  old-fashioned class warfare, then I'd say they are really in trouble

Maybe they should be out recruiting a few tax dodgers of their own rather than union hacks who make their money in even more dubious ways if you believe what you heard in the royal commission into unions this week.