By Janine Perrett

Every time one of the parties in this election talks about their ten year plan, can I just remind you that ten years ago the Howard Government was still firmly in power.

Think about that and then tell me you really have faith in anything a Government is forecasting to happen ten years from now.

Just remember what has gone on in Australian politics - not to mention the world economy - since 2006.

We all know, five different prime ministers, but basically we have gone from a Coalition government to Labor and back again and goodness knows how many changes in ideology and legislation in the meantime.

What was promised then is hardly going to be relevant today.

For a start we had a big surplus then.

But then along came the GFC in 2008 and wiped that out. Obviously no one saw that coming when they were making election promises at the 2007 election.

Nor could they foresee the tech revolution, which would decimate the heavy manufacturing sector which was still going strong. Rupert Murdoch had not even bought My Space in 2006 and Facebook was unknown. Twitter and Uber unimaginable.

It's not hard to see my point that it is very hard to make economic assumptions a decade out, even though that is exactly what both sides are claiming in this election.

Not that I don't encourage a bit of long term thinking given the ludicrous short termism of politics these days.

We can be pretty sure everyone will want lower taxes ten years from now and we can be almost certain that politicians will still be promising them and extolling the virtues for the economy.

It's just that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.