By Janine Perrett

There is no greater time to be in the market, sorry cheap joke because certainly I don't mean that.

Yesterday it was the banks turn to be smashed because, well because simply it appeared to be their turn.  Perhaps the market just got stick of destroying the miners.

It is a great time to be Gina Rinehart. Sort of. Yesterday she fulfilled the long-held Hancock family dream to when the first shipments left from her Roy Hill mine.

Only problem is it comes on stream at a time when iron ore is trading at a 10 year low and given her mine will become the biggest single one in the country, her production will only  add to downward pressure on prices.

But hey, we are just so negative according to Gina at the shipment ceremony so no churlishness today just congratulations.

I'll save the criticism for her fellow larger-than-life miner Clive Palmer who was also claiming he was being picked on yesterday.

Diddums. You deserve everything you get you great windbag.

Your 800 workers don't deserve their uncertainty though.

For the third day in a row I urge the Queensland Government to resist his entreaties to bail him out.

But the real ones who should be congratulated today are the two 35 year old Aussies who catapulted past billionaires like Kerry Stokes, Solly Lew and Gerry Harvey with the Nasdaq float of Atlassian valuing the company at a cool $6 billion on Wall Street.  

Never has a week ended proving the point begun at the start about the future of our economy being in the hands of young innovators.

The transition from the old miners to new ideas men like Mike Canon Brooks and Scott Farquar.

It certainly is no greater time to be alive for them.