By Janine Perrett 

I kid you not; that was the headline running in financial sections yesterday.

And the person who made the incredible claim that we had just seen the biggest and last mining boom in the history of all mankind was none other than an eminent economist. 

Well there's your first problem of course. An economist.

These are people who constantly make wild forecasts which never come true. Most are absurdly wrong at the time but few can be bothered checking back.

You know the ones that say the Aussie dollar is going to head to US$1.20 and then a few months later tell you it is going to be US 60cents. 

And in the most recent case, how will we ever know if it was the last boom ever - presumably we will all be dead before the next one.

Maybe he meant to say the last one for the foreseeable future. That sounds like an economist term.

Well, we all get things wrong. Still some of these guys have as much credibility as a sideshow fortune teller.

Not Saul Estlake of course, the man who made the extraordinary prediction yesterday. Still he did get his headline.

Oh and it was at the opening of a huge mining conference. That would have kicked things off on a bright note, wouldn't it?

Speaking of top of the market signals, look no further, the Mogdigliani nude painting that sold for a stratospheric $240 million yesterday. That's the second highest price on record for an artist that is hardly a household name. I mean this wasn't a Picasso or a Van Gough here. 

Other dubious headlines yesterday included the one that the Turnbull honeymoon was over. 

Admittedly there were a couple of sites which made the claim after the latest NAB confidence surveys showed a drop back from the huge September bounce, but one in particular was a case of wishful thinking.

It quoted one Tanya Plibersek; that would be the deputy leader of the federal Labor party. And, to make my point, she went on to claim that the ALP was in position to win the next election.

Now, we know they have to pretend to be positive but really?

I think Malcolm's love affair with the electorate would have to be in the Family Court with divorce papers signed before the honeymoon is sufficiently over for anyone to believe the other lot have a chance.