By Janine Perrett

Business confidence jumped in September, according to the latest NAB survey, which is hardly a shock given the sheer relief that swept through much of corporate Australia in the month since the morning they realised there had been a change in leadership.

But let's just wait and see how long that lasts shall we?

Note to self - must stop letting any negativity creep into the newfound euphoria. I think that's what the deputy governor of the RBA Philip Lowe was trying to say yesterday when he warned about "chronic pessimism" in our culture.

Another note - take leaf out of Philip Lowe book on optimism.

But there's me reading all those headlines by doomsayers claiming the housing bubble is about to burst and we'll all be ‘rooned’.

(Well actually it's only a 7.8% fall so hardly catastrophic says the new hopeful me).

But then some papers were identifying the specific industries that would be hit by the housing price "collapse" - from banks (there's a shock seeing as they lend for housing) to just about everyone else who owns a house.

Not to worry, Phil says, he hopes for a soft landing. See, just think positive.

He seems to be reflecting the new gentler approach to everything. Stay calm and vote Turnbull.

Even Bill Shorten got the memo - yesterday Labor dropped its damaging and misleading campaign against the China Free Trade Agreement and, more incredible still, the Government actually agreed to negotiate with them.

(Well basically if you listened to Andrew Robb's laconic style, he simply said something along the lines of "ok if looking at their demands and changing a few minor things makes them feel better, we can live with that". Whatever, let's just get it done).

And really, why is everyone getting so excited that we are actually just reverting to the way politics should operate, did operate, for the years before Tony Abbott turned everything into a battle to the death; where his view of politics was just to do the opposite to what the other lot wanted, even if what they wanted was good for the country.

So now when a government actually puts the national interest before self interest, it is being hailed as some major breakthrough, when it is really a return to business as usual.


There I go again.

I'm not sure I can handle this much positivity - never mind, I'm sure Greece is due for another default soon.