By Janine Perrett 

For once, some sensational news. That is for those of us old enough to remember the Nugan Hand bank scandal of the 1980's.

For all others go to Mr Google and check out a plot you will be seeing in a movie of the week sometime soon.

The discovery of missing alleged crook and spook Michael Hand living in the US is huge news.

For young reporters like me who started out in 1979, this was the first big corporate scandal that had everything. Mysterious deaths, rumours of CIA involvement, the collapse of a major merchant bank.

Indeed it had all the hallmarks of a good thriller and now all those conspiracy theorists are vindicated and the next chapter in the saga will be huge.

And yes we had financial collapses back then too.

The other news around yesterday really can't compare but the AFR did a good job with the headline "Chevron pays $248 tax on $1.7 billion profit"

Yes you did read that right and they were quoting documents submitted to the Senate tax inquiry.

And you wonder why people are cynical when business keeps calling for corporate tax relief? Plenty more to go on that story as well.

And worth noting on a day that BHP shares got hammered, that the Big Australian (as it was once known) does actually pay a great deal of tax in this country unlike, allegedly, Chevron and the Swiss based Glencore.

Other big local taxpayers are the big four banks, with the reports around that they are shedding some 1500 jobs.

Now I don't go in for bank bashing and commend their success but it is  not a good look after only last week reporting a record $30 billion in profits.

There is obviously no such thing as a triple bottom line anymore. Gouge the customers, sack the employees, screw the economy, but make sure the shareholders get their dividend increased every year.

Though, as I noted, they do pay tax.

So did their former employees too though.

And dont' get me started on Wall Street and our stockmarket types having a conniption because of excellent jobless numbers in the US. 

Sure it might allow the Fed to raise rates but that's because the economy is good stupid.