By Janine Perrett

Can I remind you bozos in Canberra that you have a budget to deliver in under a month?

After last week's ridiculous and unnecessary state income levy debacle, surely it is time to concentrate on working on a credible budget rather than the mysterious tax reform plan.

Now that every decent idea has been on and off the table and we are down to the dregs of half-baked ones, and they don't even last a week, it is time to concentrate on the broader issue.

That would be the budget - the actual financial plan for the year ahead.

Ignore the push by some members of the commentariat for bold so-called "big bang" reform. 

You've left it too late.

Best you can do is just get out a half decent budget in the short time you have left.

You could actually include some tax reform in that if you could ignore the need for daily media fixes and accolades for a "special" tax reform plan.

You could actually put some things back on the table and tighten much needed areas like superannuation and negative gearing and capital gains tax and ignore the carping about "tweaking" as every little bit will add up for the final tally.

You could give out a company tax cut but YOU WOULD BE MAD.

Now is not the time for tax cuts of any kind but especially now with so much negative focus on corporate tax dodging. Ignore the BCA ads; everyone else does.

Ignore the other side too; the bleeding heart lobby will carp no matter what you do so ignore them too. Which you were probably going to do anyway.

No-one is expecting a balanced budget but you could actually outline a realistic path to one that won't incur maximum mirth and derision like Joe Hockey's surplus projections.

Ah yes, remember smokin' Joe Hockey?

You should do Scott Morrison as you have a very low bar to jump so there really is no excuses.

Cut back the excessive media appearances with nothing to say and the private calls whining that the PM doesn't love you. Stop agreeing to embarrassing photo calls to try and appease your bruised ego.

Just go quiet and pretend you are actually working on the budget.

You know, the one that has been brought forward by a week, thus increasing the pressure normally apparent at this time of the year when a Treasurer is trying to get it out by mid-May.

You are going to need to be selling it AFTER you have delivered it.

Radical concept I know, but you could even apply this principle to tax reform proposals that might be better off with a concrete plan or actual piece of paper before marketing them.

Perhaps take a leaf out of the book of the eminently sensible man who should be Treasurer, Senator Mathias Cormann who once again stayed above the fray last week and is probably working with Treasury on formulating a budget document as we speak.

I don't know if he is in or out of the PM's circle or how their "relationship" is looking, but I have confidence he is doing his job and not putting his personal political ambition first. 

Well if he is, it is at least well hidden at the moment.

(Yes I'm talking about you Kevin Andrews).

From the PM down, everyone should stop making ludicrous distracting destablising statements, and get on with the job.


Labor seems to be doing so.