By Janine Perrett

Oh so much interesting news around yesterday beginning with Clive Palmer.

You remember him? He had been ominously quiet of late, which might have something to do with rumours of financial issues for his business interests.

Indeed the front page story in The Australian yesterday claimed it was "drop dead day" for an urgent capital injection.

An unfortunate choice of words given the Federal MP was forced to cancel a press conference because of ill health; which was a pity because he was going to attack the Chinese buying the Darwin port.

He did have a half hearted go at them in the Parliament but was mocked by his old mate Malcolm Turnbull who pointed out how things had changed since Clive loved the Chinese.

Nothing like a bitter fight to the death court case with your Chinese partners and former besties to change your perception apparently.

Not content with bucketing the Chinese, Clive then used Parliamentary privilege to dump another bucket this time on fellow Queensland MP Mal Brough.

Clive aired old allegations about Brough's slippery behaviour but in light of the recent police raid on Mal, it got more attention for media starved Clive than the China bashing. 

Hard to know who to root for in that spat.

Someone who was talking sense this week, obviously outside Parliament, was Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens who said everyone should just "chill out" over the prospect of further interest rate cuts.

They will happen when they're needed and not before and that will be once they've looked at the economic data closely and anyway don't expect them to do too much these days. 

It has all been said before but eminently sensible and non politician-like. 

Unfortunately with the Syria quagmire worsening daily, global instability is always a threat.