By Janine Perrett

So business people are finally opening their wallets for the Government.

It’s just not quite what I meant when I said business had to put their money where their mouth is and support the Coalition.

I was referring to their hesitancy to back the "we're open for business" Abbott Government after its victory in September 2013.

Corporate leaders preferred to buy back their own shares and increase dividends, rather than invest in the overall economy.

This meant less confidence in the government and a self-perpetuating downward spiral until we saw PM Abbott replaced.

So what are they doing now? Well according to one reliable source they are at least donating to the party!

Former senior Howard‎ Government minister Peter Reith told me on The Friday Show on Sky last week that at a recent fundraising lunch in Melbourne, business figures were giving plenty to the cause, all of a sudden.

It not only showed their relief at the change but won't go astray given how corporate giving had reportedly evaporated at the end of the Abbott era.

Now if they could just extend this largesse to business investment.

Meanwhile the trade union royal commission heard fascinating details on how Bill Shorten goes about fund-raising for himself.