By Janine Perrett 

Last December, Evan Hughes looked like he had just taken on the most unenviable job on the Australian political scene - ALP candidate for the seat of Wentworth in Sydney's upmarket eastern suburbs. 

Oh, that would be the electorate of one Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.

The PM was riding so high in the polls in the early months after replacing Tony Abbott that the Labor power-brokers must have thought the fresh faced thirty year old arts history graduate might be young and naive enough to volunteer to beat his head against the proverbial political wall.

In his first television interview on my Sky TV show, The Perrett Report, Evan showed all the wit and savvy he inherited from his father, legendary art gallery owner Ray Hughes. 

He graciously lauded the Malcolm Turnbull he had met in the past, expressed his respect for some of his more liberal social views but staked out the differences where he thought he as a Labor candidate could make a difference.

And in answer to the question about-facing the then apparently unassailable Turnbull, he predicted "the Malcolm bubble will burst at some point". 

And wasn't the young Mr Hughes prophetic?

Not that even he probably thinks he has any chance of unseating the still personally popular Turnbull, but we all now know the honeymoon has been obscenely short. 

Indeed, it is hard to know where to start with our incredibly shrinking Prime Minister - Turncoat Turnbull - now so busily channeling Tony Abbott it is not funny. 

Not only has he done a scare campaign on Labor's brave negative gearing policy that would do his predecessor proud, but now he is reported to be rethinking any other changes after said former PM gave him a "warning" over tax policy in cabinet yesterday.

That would seem to be a warning to continue the Abbott-Hockey policy of doing nothing while doing a lot to alienate everyone including their own side.

Now apparently PM Turnbull is "rethinking" even his modest negative gearing tinkering.

It is no wonder the polls are reflecting the electorate's utter disillusionment.

His dwindling fan club suggest he needs to do something bold to bring back the old Turnbull like abandoning the divisive gay marriage plebiscite and simply calling for a free vote. 

At least that might divert attention from the tax debacle and keep some of his original support base which has watched with dismay as he continues to pander to the hard right anti Safe Schools brigade. 

A letter to the SMH last week from a Liberal voter bemoaned losing a great politician in Turnbull for another unimpressive PM.

Or as the cheeky Evan Hughes campaign buttons simply say "#I Miss Malcolm".