By Janine Perrett

What about those jobless figures yesterday?

The strength of the numbers seemed to take almost everyone by surprise. Well mainly the economists. Well scrub that, because they rarely get it right.

Scrub that too, because it’s the ABS you really have to worry about getting it right.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics does have form on putting out dubious employment numbers - you might recall half of last year they themselves told us to ignore them because they were not to be relied upon.

Although to be fair they now claim they have fixed them. Not everyone is convinced though, and yesterday's extraordinarily and unexpectedly strong figures reignited doubts.

Then again, given how much I mock the reliability of Chinese data, I think to be fair you should be warned about our own credibility in this department.

Of course this could all be part of the Turnbull affect and that immediately on news of his ascension to the throne, sorry leadership, firms rushed to hire in jubilant celebration.

Then again knowing how slow ‘bizoids’ are to put their hand in their pocket and back the government based on previous experience I would be wary.

Speaking of the quality of ‘bizoids’, sort of, the latest rights issue debacle (yes Santos, I'm talking about you) has raised questions about lazy management at the moment.

Then there is the other criticism in the business pages about rewarding dumped CEO's (yes Woolworths. I'm talking about you).

How can you justify ousted chief of Woolies Grant O'Brien, getting a $10 million payout, when the high achieving Gail Kelly at Westpac got "only" $12 million on her departure?

And heavens no, I'm not suggesting she should get more but simply that he should get less.

Woolies shareholders apparently agree too.