What takes my fancy in the news today that should be outed?

How about the headline in the AFR "Australia dollar seen at US 60 cents"... well that's according to one big name bank.

Trouble is it comes only two days after a story with the headline "Australia dollar to touch US 80 cent" by another bank.

I won't give either of them publicity by naming them, even though one of them is going to look very silly and very wrong at some point in the not too distant future.

This goes on all the time; remember not long ago the bank economist who said the dollar was to go to US$1.25 just before it tanked, or the ones that predicted 50 cents not long after that.

Honestly you would think they just make up this stuff. Where is the science in that?

Speaking of science. Nothing shows the stark contrast between Prime Ministers than this week's awards for our leading scientists.

It is usually attended by the PM of the day as there is a PM's own award.

You might recall Tony Abbott's embarrasing appearance when he lamely joked that they probably didn't think much of his efforts and no-one laughed and his disingenuous attempts at support were met with virtual silence. 

The week the messiah, sorry Malcolm appeared to warm applause and glowing reviews, not the least because when he said he wanted science to be at the "centre of our national agenda" he actually meant it.

The honeymoon might not last forever and he might have all kinds of grief on meeting other promises and expectations but at least he has made sure that "science" is no longer a dirty word.