Time to look at some items in the news of interest or worthy of comment yesterday.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is to bring in a crack squad of election advisors from President Obama's team in the US. Shades of Julia Gillard's 457 visa debacle with British spin doctor John McTernan. But then in politics, there's no idea like an old idea is there?

Speaking of which, the government's big announcement that they are freezing any changes in superannuation for the next five years to give certainty to the sector may sound familiar because it is. You might recall that's what the Opposition already promised when the previous – or the same – Labor government was fiddling around with super not long ago.

Actually, both of them would do well to leave open the ability to still fix any rorts in the sector but they're too scared to do anything.

And the FBT leased car rort, which K-Rudd cracked down on a mere two weeks ago, is already rumoured to be watered down to kow-tow to the hand-out mentality of the local car industry. Again, both sides would do well to get a spine on this.

Meanwhile, the Libs try to tar Kevin Rudd with the findings of the ICAC report into corruption in NSW Labor. Fair enough. I mean K-Dudd's, sorry K-Rudd's, disingenuous comments about his outrage ring hollow when so many of the NSW heavies are in Canberra. And can you imagine if you were CEO of a company that found this level of corruption and incompetence and all manner of criminal activity not just once but over a decade on your watch? Playing dumb would not hold up – you'd have to accept culpability … But then pollies don't follow those same rules, which is why we have the choice to do that ourselves at the ballot box at election time. 
If they ever call one.

Janine Perrett