By Janine Perrett

One of  the many mysteries of the stock market at the moment is the way Wall Street has not yet reacted to the prospect of a Trump Presidency.

The pessimism at the start of the New Year was down to numerous other factors and the volatile political situation on their doorstep seems to have been largely ignored.

Indeed when I was in New York in January many seemecd quite sanguine about The Donald's rise. 

After all they have lived with him, his hair and his ego all their lives so are more immune than the rest of us.

And even though he attacks Wall Street he is in fact a New York businessman underneath.

Nor does the vitriol of Tea Party Ted, right wing Senator Cruz, worry them much given his wife works on Wall Street, he is a Harvard lawyer and was exposed as taking secret Goldman Sachs loans to fund his election campaigns.

Marco Rubio, was the best of a bad lot, even if he can't even balance his own cheque book.

Yet it did not escape them that their traditional allies in the Republican Party were all beating up on Wall Street.

In fact one noted that "we can live with Hillary".

Indeed despite her joining in the anti-Wall Street rhetoric, she has been attacked for her close ties and funding from the New York financial community.

Speaking of socialist Bernie Sanders, that's the one they really couldn't fathom.

"My kid as at an Ivy League college and going nuts for a socialist" said one with his best "go figure" shrug.

And now one of my predictions back when Trump was still a joke, is now looking likely.

"Romney calls to stop Trump" read this morning's headlines so everyone is now waking up to a scenario which I first floated last year to widespread derision.

And that is that if Donald Trump makes it all the way to the Republican National Convention in July as the perceived front runner for the nomination, there would be a push to defeat him on the floor.

The candidate must win outright on the first vote or else it is open to other contenders who can snatch the nomination there. This is exactly what former candidate Mitt Romney suggested today.

And because the new contender does not even have to be one of the current crop of candidates Mitt Romney himself is being suggested; particularly as he has already been vetted for the job having headed the ticket last time.

But there is another name which I have consistently put forward who also been vetted, who also ran last time, but as Vice President and that would be Paul Ryan.

Since then he has risen to become House Speaker, the most powerful Congressional position in Washington and the senior Republican in the land.

And he even managed the incredible feat of  negotiating a budget deal through Congress last November. 

He does not come with the Romney baggage of the 2012 humiliating loss.

He used to be seen as too conservative but he's far more palatable than arch right winger Ted Cruz.

And, most importantly in the year that the election process is more like a reality show, the smooth youthful Paul Ryan looks the part.