By Janine Perrett

Time for a look at the headlines designed to scare you today.

"US Republicans consider Cruz".

Yes I promise you that is a far more scary headline than the last word Trump.

"Westpac execs in rate rig probe".

Great only days after ANZ embroiled in a $100 million tussle with ASIC, we find that another one of the big four is under investigation for bad behaviour.

Make that three with last night’s revelations of further dubious acts by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in its life insurance division.

I repeat my column of last year that obviously ASIC should be replaced by the fine investigative journalist Adele Ferguson who singlehandedly uncovers all the misdeeds that their vast and expensive staff cannot.

Speaking of the ineffectual watch puppy - another headline today "Calls for ASIC probe into Palmer".

And never was something or someone more in need of probing than Clive Palmer and his incredible deal yesterday to sack the administrators and take back control of his Queensland nickel refinery.

I'm sure the rise in the nickel price had nothing to do with it and he really did find that $23 million down the back of the couch the day after his extortion attempt on the Qld Government failed.

But by setting up a whole new entity, is this some version of the loathed Phoenix company?

Will workers retain entitlements, will previous government guarantees to abide by environmental laws still apply?

Does it even matter? - he ignores everything anyway.

As for his laughable claims that he had given up business to pursue politics, it is interesting to note that he is front and centre of this company.

I feel for the workers if Clive had not stumped up the money, but I fear for them more if he stays.

Who knows how long till the administrators are called back again and the Queensland taxpayer is left with the bill.


He does succeed in making Donald Trump look good.