By Janine Perrett

So it has begun; Malcolm Turnbull's enthusiasm for innovation yesterday translated into an actual policy.

A $1 billion innovation package which one can only applaud as a great start in our transition to the new economy.

Most importantly, it is a good start in moving us forward instead of going backwards in this space, which is what we've been doing for the past two years under the Abbott administration.

In years to come we will look back at the opportunities that were lost during this crucial time purely because of the narrow minded debilitating flat earth anti-science ideology of the previous Prime Minister and his minions.

Speaking of many of those minions who happily voted with Messers Abbots and Hockey to defund the sector.

What irony in seeing new innovation minister Christopher Pyne front and centre at the unveiling yesterday" the man who only a few short months ago was threatening crucial research funding, held hostage to his stalled higher education reforms.

At least the man who once outraged the entire scientific community was now lauding them.

And I loved the symbolism of doing the announcement at the CSIRO, which had been disgracefully decimated with budget cuts over the past two budgets.

Imagine how many bright young ideas, entrepreneurs of the future we have lost overseas as result of it though.

This funding is welcome but doesn't replace all the money that was hacked out of the sector. It will take years to rebuild confidence but at least we have a PM who has no deficit in that department.

So no sniping. Let's get on board. Even the opposition has been talking bi-partisanhip on this issue and should also been commended for setting the agenda itself during the Dark Ages.(that's what I call the Abbott years for science. and for business. and for much else really).

But governments can only do so much. Silicon Valley is all about private enterprise now so it is up to business to take up the challenge.

Open your wallets this time please.