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One holy scandal

By Janine Perrett

Oh my what intrigue and skullduggery and corruption and scandal is afoot in the one place at the moment. 

Well more than one place but this one is a doozy.

And I'm not talking about yet more allegations about VW and a second emissions scam at the high-end Audi cars.

And I'm not talking about Australian second tier bank Bendigo bank sneakily lifting mortgage rates at Melbourne cup time when a horse race and RBA meeting are diverting attention.

And I'm not talking about Suncorp and the other second tier banks who quietly did the same thing in previous days even though they are not even subject to the same regulatory pressures which the major banks blamed for their decision to raise rates.

The new Treasurer might do well to publicly raise questions about this shameful gouging of customers.

None of this compares with "Vatileaks".

Yes the Holy See is embroiled in one holy scandal.

The Vatican this week arrested a handful of people including a high ranking priest and a member of their reform commission, over damaging leaks to do with...well it's complicated and worthy of one of those complex nonsensical sensational Hollywood blockbusters.

But let me just say that isn't it incredible that the same Catholic Church which for decades covered up despicable criminal conduct by pedophile priests is now suddenly rushing to arrest people who are leaking over minor burearactic and political issues.

(Who knew the Vatican could arrest people and why they weren't using the power for good instead of protecting their perks).

This lot give the most corrupt pollies and executives a good bit of competition.

What next? Accusations of poisoning the pontiff to prevent further reform. Sorry, that has already been done back in 1979 with Pope John Paul 1.

I'm sure this is not a sequel. Yet.

Published on: Wednesday, November 04, 2015

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