By Janine Perrett

Oh my, oh my, my MYEFO (mid-year economic and fiscal outlook).

One day after the highly anticipated drop, which went relatively smoothly if not greeted with universal acclaim, and already a few issues are beginning to emerge.

Not the least being that the Treasurer Scott Morrison is not getting a honeymoon. He seemed to be being baby-sat by the able Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann, who could manage it all smoothly with quite a lot on his plate that day.

ScoMo, as he seems to relish being called, is in danger of being too smug (Peter Costello smirk anyone?) and has courted media love far too long to realise that we don't want a popular Treasurer. 

Joe Hockey tried that and it was a disaster. To put it bluntly we probably need a like Paul Keating.

Anyway, MYEFO reaction went in the usual direction quickly.

The medical community was up in arms claiming people will actually die from the spending cuts.

The arts community thought it was already dead but found they could suffer even more cuts.

SBS did not get anymore cuts but a small lifeline.  

Business claims the economy will die if there are not more cuts.

So business as usual really.

But the big question is where was Malcolm Turnbull in all this? 

Missing in action for two days while Treasurer and Finance Minister took centre stage but not in line with his promise when ousting Tony Abbott to give a strong clear economic narrative. 

Time to step back in the ring. In fact time to be PM and Treasurer perhaps.

Meanwhile in the real world all that matters is the Fed decision to lift interest rates.

Desperately looking for good news and the only one was that Australian company Dominos acquired the largest pizza operator in Germany.

Alright, how about a  new poll that claimed Greens voters don't like Xmas. There's a shock.

Unlike the Fed raising interest rates.