By Janine Perrett

Some of us did warn that after the Joe Hockey debacle, perhaps we needed to be a little more careful about choosing a Treasurer.

Just because someone has enormous political ambitions for the top job in the land, it does not necessarily qualify them for the second top job in the land; especially when that job is the most important economic one in the land.

I noted earlier this year that  Scott Morrison should spend less time being the Minister For Lobbying For An Increase In The GST and more on getting across his brief during the turbulent financial times.

I also said only last week he should spend less time doing media appearances when he had nothing to say.

So to be fair, I will not join some of the attacks on him because he failed to do one radio interview this week even if it was with the powerful broadcaster Ray Hadley. 

For goodness sake, of course the Treasurer should be spending more time on the crucial budget than managing his media profile.

Which leads to the question some like me ponder more these days - just who else in this Government could be Treasurer?

Apart from the PM himself of course.

Former Trade Minister Andrew Robb was once considered too sober and serious for the job despite having excellent credentials. Not a great media performer or salesman some erroneously claimed, but he certainly proved them all wrong as one of the best performers in the under-performing Abbott cabinet.

But perhaps a future Treasurer is already right there - the incredibly competent and steadfast Finance Minister Mathias Cormann.

The man who is across his brief and is always on message. Frustratingly so at times, but safe.

The man who held his own difficult job and that of Assistant Treasurer for nearly a year when Arthur Sinodinos was in the sin-bin.

The man whose only media faux pas, and a minor one at that, was calling Bill Shorten an economic "girly man" which was actually a rare glimpse of his self-deprecating humor.

(Just to explain - in my first interview on The Perrett Report on Sky five years ago, before many had heard too much of him, I mistook his accent for Austrian and mentioned he was the most famous politician from there since Arnold Schwarzenegger. He pointed out he was actually Belgian but said he could do a mean Terminator impression. He then quipped "I'll be back" which became a running joke on my show whenever we chatted and spread widely throughout the media).

Sure he must take some responsibility for the disastrous 2014 budget but his consistent and considered performance during that turbulent time and until now seems to make people forget that salient fact.


And this week Senator Cormann has been commended for bringing some much needed sanity to the Treasurer's hysteria over bracket creep by pointing out it was less of a problem because of low wages growth.

Whenever I used to ask why he could not be considered Treasurer material one day, the answer from political pundits was that he was in the senate and the Treasurer needed to be in the lower house for technical reasons. It was to do with delivering the budget apparently.

So why not get him a nice safe West Australian House of Reps seat then?

With all the turmoil in the ALP in that state and all sitting Labor members retiring, surely now would be a good time to shuffle the Coalition forces and make way for a rising star.

Sure, it's just my wild theory and I do actually hope that the current Treasurer works out in the end. We need it.

Meantime no harm having a spare heir.