By Janine Perrett

Thank goodness it is only a day until the budget so that this lot can stop blathering on about nothing.

You would think they would have got the message that they don't have one.

Yet that didn't stop everyone talking about the budget with nothing to say from the PM to the Treasurer to Senator Arthur Sinodinos (gawd knows what he was doing popping his head up with after refusing to talk about his own financial issues).

It was only a few weeks ago I opined whether media hungry Scott Morrison would actually spend more time on doing the actual budget than giving numerous vague interviews.

But there he was only days before it is due to be handed down with in depth profiles in the weekend newspapers, another staged photo op in jeans and checked shirt with a briefcase looking like he was walking into budget discussions and yet more television interviews.

"This is not the time to be throwing money around" thundered the AFR headline quoting Mr Tough Guy.

Except that the other headlines were all about the government throwing money around - $1 billion for schools and even a tax cut for middle-income earners.

Well some called it a tax cut but in fact it is tax relief in the form of curtailing bracket creep for those on over $80,000.

Or so we assume given the budget has not actually come out yet.

That was the point PM Turnbull made in his pointless television interview on Sunday night. Why or why are these people talking so little to say?

Yes we should wait till the budget is out and so should you.

So let's just recap on another slew of mixed messages in this latest pre-budget media mess.

No GST in this term of government assured the PM. Well that's hardly a shock given you would have to take it to an election and you've ruled it out.

Bracket creep relief that was popular for a minute seems to be now back on.

Tax cuts, I can't remember. 

What about tax reform - the big package that was promised all year but then suddenly disappeared in favor of a budget and an election.

Well Mr Turnbull did mention "substantial" tax reform in the budget, which we thought was also off the table.

Or was it.

I'm so confused but then so are they.


Bring on the budget so they actually have something concrete to spin.