Won't the lawyers be rubbing their hands with glee.

And I don't mean over the potential Asian windfall in the TPP, though there is that.

It's the flurry of corporate class actions to which I refer.

IOOF victims of the financial scandal plaguing that company are being asked to step forward.

But that is small bikkies compared to the VW class action being prepared over its current emissions disaster.

I just wonder how long until 7-11 joins the ranks of class action targets after news yesterday that head office is finally renegotiating its profit sharing arrangement with franchisees.

Although it is not clear yet whether that will be enough to placate them.

Meanwhile there are long faces on Wall Street as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton warns she will put a tax on high frequency traders in an effort to stop "risky" behaviour.

Good luck with that one.

(And I wonder what she had for breakfast as that announcement came soon after she attacked the TPP trade agreement which she herself had worked for as Secretary of State).

The US election must be getting tough. Or at least real.

And just to add to the general unease in the world the IMF has warned that a four trillion dollar international debt binge or debt "orgy" as it was dubbed, could cause a new global financial crisis.


Have a good weekend!