By Janine Perrett

Well I know the new PM is in a hurry to move forward, to freshen up his ministry and all, in with the new and out with the old, but he didn't need to actually forget about a minister for aging.

Seriously that is exactly what he did in all his haste for renewal so he had to go back and swear in the overlooked minister for aging, Sussan Ley, in a belated and separate hurried ceremony yesterday.

Of course old people are not nearly as sexy as youth and the likes of the newly installed minister for the future, sorry innovation, the young Wyatt Roy, but the PM certainly felt the wrath of the pensioner class protesting the omission of aged care for the past week.

It was truly a senior moment for our sprightly Malcolm.

Meanwhile the grumpy old men with whom Ms Ley will be dealing, continued to whine yesterday, with former employment minister Eric Abetz complaining in a letter about he and Kevin Andrews being dumped from the cabinet.

Get over it; you both should have been put out to pasture years ago.

I'm not being ageist, in fact I have no idea how old you are, but whatever age it is, you were both well past your use-by date.

Just as Ms Credlin is not out of her job because of her gender, may I suggest you two are not on the backbench because of your support for Mr Abbott or, more importantly, because you were so fantastic at your jobs; on the contrary your own performances had a role in your own downfall  and that of your beloved boss.

Perhaps follow the example of the other dumped Howard era minister, Ian MacFarlane, who volunteered to make way for younger faces and stepped down with a gracious classy farewell note.

(And as for Mr Abetz' claim that "hundreds" of Liberal members have resigned over Mr Abbott's demise, other members have pointed out that indeed some right wing nut jobs have left but there has also been an influx of bright new members happy with the change).

And another in that category of cranky unemployed conservative pollies is former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman (remember him?) who was also suffering relevance deprivation syndrome and gave an interview where he said, among other things, that he wished he had used taxpayers money to sue Clive Palmer years ago.

Actually I would have agreed with that one if only he had been successful and resulted in bankrupting the big blowhard and preventing his subsequent political career.
Speaking of getting over it with grace - kudos to former PM Julia Gillard for having the class to show compassion to Tony Abbott when he showed her such little courtesy during her tenure.

But no kudos for the chairman of 7-11 Russ Withers for finally falling on his sword over the disgraceful employee pay scandal engulfing the company he founded.

He’s already made himself a billionaire from the dubious company so let's hope he doesn't get off scot-free.

Speaking of billionaires and unpopular companies. Just to let you know it is not only mining companies on the nose, Jamie Packers’ Macau casino group Melco has hit an all time low share price.