By Janine Perrett

Does anyone else think it is kind of odd that the price of fossil fuel is plunging in value with the world awash in cheap oil just as they are meeting urgently at a climate change conference in Paris to halt the growth of fossil fuels?

Must just be me then.

There are ironies upon ironies everywhere at the moment.

Commentators claim the oil price collapse shows OPEC has lost its clout even though a main contributor is the fact that Saudi refuses to turn off the taps and is lowering prices. They might not be as crucial as they once were but they certainly seem to be fuelling the oil price slide.

As someone who has covered OPEC conferences for decades, this is not the first time there has been an oil shock in either direction and they were written off.

Another irony - the actions of the Mid-east oil producers will only add to instability and the rise of dangerous fundamentalists in their region as weak oil producing nations like Nigeria teeter on the brink of becoming failed states.

Back home, irony or more like huge hypocrisy, the self-proclaimed billionaire and capitalist champion Clive Palmer begs the government to bail him out as his Queensland nickel refinery heads towards administration.

There is some speculation he is bluffing just to win his court case with the Chinese but blowing yourself up to prove the point, suicide bombing your own corporate empire, would seem ludicrous...but then we are talking about Clive Palmer.

What a despicable human being to be doing this to his 800 workers two weeks before Christmas and the awful uncertainty facing thousands of families in that region.

He should not be given one red cent of taxpayers money.  Unfortunately the mine is uneconomical.

It has been for years. Why do you think BHP sold it so cheaply to Clive? It wasn't that he was a great businessman. In fact he has failed to invest to modernise and keep it viable.

Now it is not only those costs but the incredible cost of recitifying the site that will run into millions when it is finally closed.

The Queensland government should keep its millions to spend on that inevitability.

And while I have sympathy for said workers and other families, the fact is that you cannot justify throwing money at an uneconomical situation.

We bit the bullet, quite rightly, over the car industry and there were even more jobs at stake.

From cab drivers to journos to video store operators we are seeing the effects of a changing world order.

Not to mention that mining booms always went bust with ensuing job lossses. It is not up to the state to protect them.'

And absolutely not to protect dinosaurs like Clive. Make him pay. Hound him out of Parliament while you're at it.