During the 2013 election I interviewed Clive Palmer on my Sky TV show and asked him how it felt to be Australia's Donald Trump.

Back then that was meant as an insult because Trump was never taken seriously in the political arena.

I explained to Palmer the comparison – someone who touted their riches and was treated as a joke for wanting to buy political power.

I can't remember what he answered exactly; the usual disingenuous blather. (I was never a fan).

Neither country would be laughing now.

Every day that new stories emerge about the appalling behaviour of Clive Palmer, it beggars belief that anyone took him seriously. Financial world, media, political pundits, anyone.

As I've said many times before, most of all I blame the voters, especially in WA where they had a second chance to ignore him and instead gave him the balance of power briefly.

I realise that having a compulsory voting system that you might get a few protest votes picking the worst alternative to make a point. And you will also get some people who are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. 

That is democracy. But we also have a nation where most people can read so should be able to read the newspapers where there were some very critical stories particularly in The Australian and some other outlets.

Many of the voters understand English and could listen to TV shows like mine which have been warning about this appalling buffoon since 2010.

Instead some media outlets, including the ABC, preferred to portray him as some outspoken and hilarious business leader.

I mean plenty of us have warned for years he was not even a billionaire. He certainly was not an amusing corporate titan but a dodgy demagogue.

Sure he gave a shiny Mercedes to his workers at Queensland Nickel and let's hope the secondhand car market has held up so they can sell them to keep food on the table after being uncermoniously sacked and Clive just waving away his responsibility for their entitlements.

(I thought we brought in laws to protect workers against shonks like this years ago).

Yesterday it was revealed the collapsed company gave nearly $6 million in donations to the Palmer United Party. 

Reports have already emerged of him sending  emails using fake names to appear to act as a shadow director.

Now today's Fairfax front page reveals that for a month at the beginning of 2015 he replaced his nephew as MD during which time some $700,000 was diverted to PUP.

All this needs thorough investigation and strong legal action not just by the administrators but by the weakling Australian Electoral Commission.

And the politicians of course who should treat him as a pariah even while having to honor the will of those very silly people who voted for him.

Still I can't be too critical. There was only a handful of them and it's not like they were electing him to be President of the USA.

I do hope the good voters of Iowa and the rest of America can use the internet and google Palmer to see what happens when you try to Trump the system.