By Janine Perrett

As I pointed out yesterday, I think we've had enough of pollies for a while.

Sure we're all excited and rejuvenated by a different PM, but the rest of them, well they're the same old bunch and they really should remember we've had more than enough of the lot of them.

Time to keep your head down and leave the salesmanship to the shiny new model PM, for a little while at least.

Right, as if that’s going to happen, so let's concentrate on the Volkswagen scandal instead.

A good corporate scandal is always great media fodder but when it is one that impacts not only the whole German car industry, but the whole country's GDP, maybe even the whole continent (‘Worse than Greece’ read one headline), now that's some scandal.

Most incredible is the fact it was all uncovered by a couple of university professors and their students, who alerted the US Environmental Protection Agency to investigate further.

It just shows the importance of science and technology training. Sorry that is veering into domestic political comment again.

While back here, our own corporate watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has issued a warning that the supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolies might not be adhering to their much-vaunted code of practice with their long suffering suppliers. 

What a shock that all these corporates are not only failing at self-regulation but at any regulation.

Of course it is the few bad apples that always give the rest of them a bad name; like journos and pollies. And there I go again.