By Janine Perrett

Well that honeymoon didn’t last long now did it?

I'm not talking about the stockmarket, but the new/old government whose fortunes seemed to be on the up, despite shareholders’ fortunes heading in the opposite direction.

Well if you believe the polls, the initial euphoria over the new PM was a bit of a "sugar hit" as political pundits love to say.

Last week, the ANZ Roy Morgan consumer confidence poll was being hailed as vindication for the coup because it jumped over 8%. 

Well settle down because yesterday we heard that it fell back over 3% a week later.

But to be fair, that number is still five points above where they were two weeks ago under the previous PM.

Still a good result for Malcolm Turnbull but unfortunately his minions still want to believe that somehow it is about them.

On and on they go with their media blitz, blathering on about the same old policies, but saying out loud it's all about the way they are selling them.

Just a tip; the law of diminishing returns. Just making a lot of noise and sounding less competitive and more relevant is not the only answer.

Josh Frydenberg is again leading the media tart brigade but is backed up by an avalanche of other names like Greg Hunt, who has appeared to do a complete 180, and is now talking kindly about wind farms.

And there is Scott Morrison out there saying how well we are doing despite the market meltdown.  Trouble is he sounds very much like Joe Hockey at this stage.

Yes we know the mantra. Nothing to see here, stay calm, overseas markets don't change the fact that we're doing well, sure there's a few black clouds but we've got it under control. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Again my advice is to just wait for the maximum leader Malcolm to speak. Wisely we didn't hear from him yesterday (best let Tony Abbott get things off his chest) and then tomorrow we have that big reform summit where the PM might actually have something concrete to announce.

But the rest of you, can you leave it to him and not put your own spin on it until you have something to say.