By Janine Perrett

Plenty of news happening yesterday which got lost in all the other news.

Talk about innovation - it has just been revealed that the founder of Bitcoin is an Australian.

Craig Steven Wright could be hailed as one of those bright young start-up geniuses we heard about this week.

Forget the controversy surrounding his cryptocurrency and just hail the fact that this success story wasn't part of the brain drain and he was still living here, if hiding behind a psedonym.

We know this because within hours of his outing his Sydney home was raided by the Australian Taxation Office.

Not sure if that will inspire other budding tech entrepreneurs. But tax breaks for this lot are one thing

Did you hear that Clive Palmer's nickel refinery has been taken to court?

No not about its very survival, over which it was still negotiating with the Qld government; it was being taken to court environmental breaches involving " toxic sludge".

It was the same Qld government taking them to court so I repeat my earlier comments that, given the millions it will take to rectify the site after Palmer disappears, not one red cent of taxpayers money should go to help him out.

Incredible they are even considering it really. They should just negotiate directly with the unions and had them $45 million to go direct into the workers pockets instead of Clive's.

But there was one good news with one Aussie businessmen doing well - Andrew Liveris, chairman of Dow Chemical which is merging with Du Pont in a record $US90 billion dollar deal which would see him top dog.

That should make him the most powerful Aussie born CEO ever. Mr Murdoch aside of course.

As for the deal - well you've got to wonder when companies like Anglo American are downsizing themselves out of existence what possible advantage there would be in such a giant conglomerate except for investment banking fees. And then later for the inevitable de-merger.

Slater and Gordon's auditor  Pitcher Partners has quietly exited stage left. What a shock. Will take more though.

And sad news that the founder of the adventure clothing company North Face died yesterday

He was kayaking in Chile. If there is an appropriate way to die it is doing what you love and presumably wearing your own outdoor wear.