Now over the years I have had a bit to say about Joe Hockey's professional performance so it is only appropriate that I don't let his farewell speech to parliament go by unremarked upon.

And just to clarify – no, it was never personal with Joe. 

As everyone will tell you – he's a really nice bloke. 

Trouble is the world is full of nice blokes. My hairdresser is a nice bloke but he doesn't think he can be Treasurer.

See that's the trouble with Joe. He always let his personal ambition go before the greater good. We've seen how that ended.

I first dealt with Joe way back at the turn of the century when he was small business minister in the Howard government. As a minister he was a good bloke.

There were plenty like me, particularly in business who dealt with Joe in the leadup to the 2013 election, who had doubts about his ability to take the second most important job in the country.

The only person who didn't have any doubt about his ability was Joe (it is a hallmark of some politicians), and unfortunately the resulting farce of the Abbott-Hockey government has left him, the party and the country worse off you could argue.

Even yesterday, at the bitter end, he could not admit it might be about him. The media copped a serve naturally.

Now you might say, you were right, he's going, so leave off now.

And I would have except for some key aspects of that farewell speech he gave to parliament yesterday.

Let's leave aside his extraordinary comments suddenly claiming to believe in clamping down on everything from negative gearing to super tax breaks which should have been argued during his two years as Treasurer. And yes he was probably overruled by PM Abbott but that just shows he was either too weak or too compliant, yes "nice" for what is a tough job.

But what really irked many people was his cringeworthy hubris in praising his own "end of the age of entitlement" speech as the most influential political speech of the last two decades.

Seriously he said that about himself which is just gob-smacking. 

Actually if you wanted to hear true hubris you would have been better served listening to Paul Keating's fabulous comments at the launch of his latest biography on Tuesday night – but then he can afford to be smug and arrogant because he actually was a great Treasurer.

Back to Joe and the end of the age of entitlement.

The gall of the man to laud his own speech while leaving to take the ultimate job for the boys as Ambassador to the United States. And on the public purse.

His hypocrisy was compounded by the fact he was in such a rush to take up his entitlement he couldn't even have the grace to wait for the next election and will cause an expensive by-election in his North Sydney seat, footing the taxpayer with a seven figure bill.

They say the way you leave says all about the way you served.

Oh and just for those who say I couldn't find anything good to say about his record – he does have one remarkable achievement. He actually made his predecessor Wayne Swan look better.