By Janine Perrett

What a change when the big news yesterday was that the ludicrous Knights and Dames decision of Tony Abbott had been overturned.

There was again talk of being in the current century not the last one. Business loves that kind of talk.

Well, except for the handful who might have been pining for the honour perhaps.

And who would they be? Mr Abbott's small coterie of loyal lieutenants in the bunker. From business the names might include Sir Maurice or Sir Dick. Alas never to be.

Oh I'm just having fun on a pre-Melbourne Cup news day. If you can call most of the heard-it-all-before news as actually new.

Like the Westpac profit, which had already had a "pre-announcement" weeks ago.

Then you had the flurry of stories that the Sydney property market had slowed. Well given we're reading that each week, sometimes daily, it's hardly news.

In fact one international bank warned that Sydney is up there with Hong Kong and London as the biggest property bubble about to burst. Again, heard that before. Was it only yesterday?

Makes you wonder why they would think the RBA would offset all this good work by cutting rates and fuelling the bubble again.

Another new/old headline: "latest Chinese economic data disappoints". Naturally. But who believes it anyway?

Local VW and Audi owners are to start class action suits over the emissions rigging scandal. What took them so long? I mean, any country with a lawyer in it would have been fair game.

Optus snares English Premier League from Fox Sports. Now that one will be a shock to the Fox empire which did not react well when it came off second in the NRL rights decision recently.

Well, here's a story that I wasn't expecting..the case against Johnny Depp's dogs was postponed for two weeks for further discussions.

But don't worry, Pistol and Boo are safe but their Mum might be up for a big fine.

You can see I'm scrambling here.