By Janine Perrett

Scott Morrison needs to get over himself.

This latest manufactured news story about his hurt feelings are mainly his own fault.

The reason the PM did not let his Treasurer into the secret of the early timing of the budget could be because he doesn't trust him.

And why would that be I wonder?

Could it be that Scott Morrison's obsession with his own publicity, his constant calls to journalists, his back grounding to help his own infinite ambitions, his rumoured leaking just might make anyone wary of telling him anything sensitive.

Of course that is an unfair characterisation of any senior government member even in these bizarre times so the whispers and allegations do get as much time as the truth. Whatever that might be.

Let's face a few stark facts though.

Scott Morrison is only Treasurer because of the leadership spill and his push for the top job himself.

I for one was doubtful that he would be that much better than the dreadful Joe Hockey given Mr Morrison was riding on one year of success as Immigration Minister where his great claim to fame was not talking about operational matters.

In real life his CV includes head of a tourism lobby group that oversaw the controversial "where the bloody hell are you" campaign.

But Mr Morrison courted the media assiduously and was mooted for Treasurer and so it came to be in order for Mr Turnbull to wrest the top job from Mr Abbott.

It was never a warm alliance of equals.

Let's face it; the best person for the Treasury portfolio is undoubtedly Malcolm Turnbull himself. I have touted that before but concede that PM and Treasurer might be a bit much even for the wonder boy himself.

The problem, many argue, is that there are no other obvious contenders.

Andrew Robb would have probably done a decent job but he's going.

I recently touted the one other worthy candidate, the fine Finance Minister Mathias Cormann. I even suggested they should run him in a lower house seat while WA Labor is in turmoil to allow him to break the convention that a Senator cannot be Treasurer.

In the meantime Mr Turnbull and Mr Morrison must work together and do a better job of how they treat each other.

Scott Morrison needs to show he can be trusted - perhaps a start would be to put the effort into doing his job better and maybe even missing his weekly radio chat with Ray Hadley while he attends to bringing the budget forward.

Mr Turnbull needs to have the talk with Mr Morrison directly rather than freezing him out. Perhaps put him on notice if he can't be trusted his job is at risk after the election when the then valid PM in his own right should start afresh with a cabinet of his own choosing.

Forget broad church and try scorched earth, sorry leadership and power, for a change.

Meantime the whole lot of the current Government rabble need to know that they are not even fighting Labor in this election but Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison and the enemies within.

And they are far more effective than Bill Shorten.