By Janine Perrett

What a turn-up for the books as they say in the bush. 

A Lib defecting to the Nationals? Now you don’t see that very often. In fact, I can’t recall.  

And the fact it was former industry minister Ian Macfarlane doing the defecting was even more surprising, given he has been a loyal lib for nearly two decades, a minister in the Howard government but above all seemed to be a supporter of Malcolm Turnbull. 

No friends in see the new PM dropped him out of cabinet and Mr. Macfarlane said he had more to offer and defecting was the best way to get back in.

Really. This on top of Bruce Bilson’s dummy spit because he was demoted. He was offered an outer cabinet post but said small business or nothing. 

Really. It never used to be like this. Since when do ministers get to disrupt the whole business of government over egos?

Sure politics is a nasty business so is business full of nasty politics.. You have to suck it up sometimes.

In this case with the nation just recovering from the turmoil of the Rudd Gillard Rudd labor years then the Abbott dark ages, this kind of turmoil is not what we need.

You see there’s speculation that others will follow. More instability. More also ran’s and second raters taking their bat and ball and defecting to the reserves team. 

Not that Ian Macfarlane was second rate.  Indeed I thought he was an excellent minister but some thought it was time for the former Howard minister to make way for some fresh faces. There had been criticism not enough women. There has been emphasis on innovation and rejuvenation.

I didn’t hold with Andrew Robb being touted for the high jump and proved right he stayed but I’m surprised Ian Macfarlane didn’t show more loyalty to the party which had been good to him over the years.

Although I do have to say if he saw that dubious character Mal Brough get special minister of state it would be enough to make anyone defect.