By Janine Perrett

"ASIC hones in on insider trading".

Now that headline piqued my interest yesterday. About time me thinks.

But of course when you read the fine print it is usually a different story.

After an investigation into insider trading investigations, the corporate watchpuppy announced it would be further investigating those cases that "warranted closer scrutiny".


If they "warrant closer scrutiny" you would expect they would be honing in on them. 
If an investigation revealed certain cases warranted closer scrutiny you would expect that is exactly what they would do.

Obviously ASIC is so desperate these days it has to put out a press release using silly speak to mask its notorious ineffectiveness.

Maybe they should just wait until Fairfax finance journalist Adele Ferguson writes a story finding evidence on the culprits. She seems to do the job for them in other financial scandals with regards to the banks and their illicit actions. And now she has done what Fair Work Australia was unable to do in uncovering the disgraceful conduct at 7-11, and claimed some big scalps along the way.

Presumably her budget at Fairfax newspapers is a bit less than the regulator's.

Speaking of reviewing things. I note that Glencore is reviewing its Australian coalmine interests. Apparently some might not be viable given current low prices for coal.

Who would have thought?

Not the previous PM, and much of the Abbott Government, who parroted his line about coal being good for humanity and attacked those who dared to bail out of the sinking stocks, or banks who failed to provide finance to the white elephants.

Today the same toadies suddenly remembered how much they loved renewables and wind farms and science and innovation and, of course, our new PM.

And as if you didn't know the world had changed in the past month, Glencore even warned governments against using taxpayers money for coal projects.

Take that new Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg, who raised the very possibility in one of his avalanche of ill thought through press statements.