By Janine Perrett

Once again Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann proves why he is the most sensible man in the Coalition government.

Yesterday he raised out loud the concept of introducing four-year terms for our Federal Government.

In the current febrile environment in politics in this country it is, as Sir Humphrey would say, a brave proposal.

Indeed, given in what low esteem our politicians are held, and our increasingly short-term mindset, even uttering the words will bring a shudder to many.

I mean at the rate we are going through politicians in a four-year term would simply mean more time to change leaders - hell you could go through at least two a term with room for one more if really pushed.

Seriously though, we have hard the arguments for and against for many years and unfortunately it is becoming less popular a concept rather than more.

Still, given we are once again in the highly damaging "when will it end" cycle of election date picking which will consume us for months presumably, it might be time for a quick rehash of the pros and cons.

Pros - it would allow for more stability by having a known set date and put an end to the months of speculation and politicking even before you get to the real campaign. The conventional wisdom is that it harms business and confidence.

Cons - we would still have long election campaigns in fact they would last four years; look at the US example where they start campaigning the minute they have voted in the last one.

Pros - it would allow for more long term planning rather than the short termism mentality.

Cons - it would make no difference.

Cons - imagine having to put up with an extra year of Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott.

Pros - their own side got sick of them first anyway and got rid of them.

Cons - Look at the NSW example where the current Obeid government, finally headed by Kristina Kenneally, was so loathed frustrated voters wanted to petition to throw them out but they could do nothing but watch them hang in during the full four years, swapping one bad leader for another to give everyone a go.

Pros - and the difference in Canberra in recent experience?